200 years in the making

Welcome to Tanglewood Plantation!  My name is Jamie and I hope to be able to capture the story of our time with this house, our family, and our guests.  We feel lucky to get to own and share this beautiful piece of history and hope that you enjoy reading about our adventures.  I imagine there will be lots of stories that will make you laugh, probably a few that will make you cry, and hopefully only a few that make you wince! 

First, a little about myself and my family.  I am married to the most wonderful man—he believes in all of my day dreams.  He saw me catch my breath the moment we pulled through the gates at Tanglewood and from that moment on he has not questioned our ownership of this piece of history.  He has held my hand through all of the trials and tribulations that are part of owning something like this.  He has tried to make me laugh every time I wanted to cry, he has patiently held a flashlight while I finished some silly thing, and he has toasted our successes.  Tanglewood would not be possible without him! 

I am also the mother of four amazing children—two girls and two boys.  My children have all pitched in, patted my back when things weren’t easy, and high-fived when things succeeded.  They have endured late nights and early mornings.  They have eaten PopTarts in the car for breakfast and sandwiches for dinner when I just couldn’t find the time to cook.  They have patiently waited in line behind contractors, brides, and sod-delivery trucks—Tanglewood would not be possible without them, either!

Is there any piece of me that isn’t my husband and children?  Let’s see—I love OLD things.  I love the history and the stories.  I love to tell the stories and to share my laughter and amazement in things.  I’m not really scared of challenges and I really enjoy seeing complicated things through till the end.  I love to read, I love a good glass of wine, and I love big open pieces of sky.   

Ok, so there’s the introduction...keep reading for Tales from Tanglewood!



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