Reflections on the Season

Sitting on the upper porch at Tanglewood, glass of wine in hand, and thinking of my adventures at Tanglewood has been my favorite pastime since my first day as owner of this small piece of history.

My thoughts tonight are on our last wedding season, the incredible recognition that we’ve achieved in the last year, and on our growth as a small business.


Our Spring season closed just a couple of weeks ago and was filled with the most wonderful guests!  We had simply dreamy nights with faux forrests being built under tents (courtesy of Southern Graces); we had African wine tasting and sophisticated tete-a-tete areas set up under our pecan trees (courtesy of By Invitation Only); and we had the most beautiful couples and their families out to celebrate.  I enjoyed meeting and getting to know these women, collaborating with their family and friends, and watching them work with the people who were helping them pull off the biggest day of their lives so far. 

But this year was slightly bitter-sweet for me.  In November we made the exciting and amazing decision to hire a Director of Sales and Events to ensure that we could keep the highest level of concierge service and provide additional hospitality resources to our guests.  In making this transition, however, I necessarily took more of a back seat in the day-to-day operations of our beautiful property.  My interactions with our guests were more poignant this past season, as they happened less frequently…And I found myself cherishing the just the “everyday” wedding moments more than in seasons past.   I smile now as I recall closing my eyes on a particularly perfect Spring Saturday night while savoring the pretty moments and pretty people.

I remember whispering Tanglewood's byline of "Home ~ History ~ Hospitality" and knowing that HOSPITALITY is what sets Tanglewood apart and hoping our growth would only strengthen that tenet...


But this Spring it was also wonderful to see Tanglewood through Brian's eyes.  He has worked at huge, established five-star locations and yet he was amazed at the level of sophistication and high standard of event that is every weekend at Tanglewood.  He loved what I call “Southern Simplicity”:  the look and feel that comes with a sail cloth tent and fine china, or café lights strung over our Charleston fountains, or the big bands that resonate under our deep starry skies.  Seeing Tanglewood anew through his first events reminded me of all of my first weddings, and first families, and makes me smile even as I write these lines… I guess the magic of Tanglewood sweeps even event aficionados off their feet!

So, as I take another sip of wine and stare into the treetops, I am a little in awe of the path that has been the last 6-7 months... about being named one of the Top Ten Venues in SC by the Venue Report; voted by Southern Celebrations Magazine as the ONLY pick for South Carolina in a lineup of best venues across the South; voted Couple Choice for Wedding/ Reception Venue by; and being the runner-up for the Best of the Pee Dee for best wedding venue. 

Who would have guessed that just three years and only six wedding seasons would be so recognized and stand out so much???  


And I am excited that Brian has chosen to move South and join the Tanglewood team.  He is able to help me be 110% present for all of our guests and brings expertise in event planning and vendor coordination that will enable all of our events have the cultivated and polished feel that we have become known for.  I really enjoy the collaboration that comes with being a part of a “team” and our upcoming months are filled with not just weddings, but fun events that will enable our community to share Tanglewood.    And Brian has made me promise to write a little more

…so stay tuned for OUR adventures and happenings!!

Jamie DyceComment