Ceremony Sites at Tanglewood

Tanglewood Plantation is unique in the sense that the property is home to not one, but MANY potential ceremony sites. With Spanish-moss decorated trees, sweeping lawns, an English rose garden and many more picturesque corners on the property- it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to find the perfect spot to say “I do.”

One of the first questions we hear on tours is “where can we set up for our ceremony?”

The answer is ANYWHERE! Your ceremony space can be unique to you- and with almost five wedding seasons under our belt, we have seen beautiful ceremonies located in all different locations and positioned at all different angles.

Here are just a few of our very favorite ceremony sites-

Plantation House backdrop

Some brides set up their space so that Tanglewood’s plantation house serves as the backdrop for their ceremony. Ryane and David (image 2) framed their ceremony perfectly with a rustic arbor beautifully positioned in front of the plantation house. This option boasts so much classic southern charm.

Photo (left) by Keri Lynn Photography

Photo (middle) by Photographs by Andrea

Photo (right) by Christine Legrand Photography

The Lawn backdrop

Many brides choose the front lawn as their ceremony backdrop. With your guests seated facing away from the plantation house, the vastness of the lawn creates a grand and spacious backdrop for any ceremony. We tell brides often that depth is important, so depending on your guest list, you can adjust seating and ceremony positioning to create a larger looking lawn or a smaller, more intimate space. Layout is important at this ceremony site, and the sky really is the limit when it comes to how you utilize this large and open space.

Photo by (left) Sarah Pascutti Photography

Photo (middle) by NDC Photography

Photo (right) by Landon Jacobs Photography

Side Angles on the Front Lawn

If your heart is set on the front lawn but you desire a cozier feel, don’t fret- the lawn is outlined with gorgeous trees on both sides, making it easy to find the perfect spot for your ceremony site. Our past brides have certainly been creative, utilizing beautiful live oaks, cozy corners, and side angles to achieve their dream look. Angling your guests provides a unique view of the lawn and makes for some seriously stunning photo ops. Katherine and Tyler chose to create an intimate space on the left side of the front lawn and the results were simply dreamy.

Photos by Catherine Ann Photography

Many ceremony spaces are based around a specific focal point. We love when brides choose one of our oak trees as the back drop of their ceremony site. Plus, draping fabric has been VERY on trend lately and I’ve gotta say we are LOVING the soft mood it sets, especially when it’s among the beautiful trees that our lawn space provides. Morgan and Daniel (photo 1 &2) chose a gorgeous tree off of the side of our lawn for their ceremony setting. While some of Tanglewood’s trees provide a more covered canopy feel like Morgan and Daniel’s ceremony, others provide flooding light and open spaces. Lauren and Dan’s (photos 3&4) ceremony spot was bright and inviting, and we loved the result.

Photos (far left 1&2) by James McCoy Photography

Photos (far right 1&2) by Chris and Cami Photography, LLC


The Pecan Grove

While its more common for our brides to keep it business in the front and party in the back, we do sometimes have brides decide the back of the plantation is the perfect spot for not only their reception, but ALSO their ceremony. The back of our property holds just as many intimate corners as the front, and our plantation house boasts a beautiful side porch which empties into one of two Charleston style brick patios.

Nestled off to the side of the plantation house is a shaded grove, perfect for providing the cozy and wooded ambiance that so many brides desire. Unlike the lawn, the grove provides a more closed in and forest like feel, perfect for a romantic ceremony among the trees.

Johannah and Michael chose the grove for their November wedding and the setting felt intimate and inviting.

Photos by Erin Drago


The Back Field

Another beautiful back-of-the-property option is the field behind the plantation house. The back field is a great ceremony space for brides looking to highlight the more rustic and barn chic aspects of the property. Another amazing plus to a ceremony in the back field is that it provides an easy transition to the reception space, since the two Charleston style patio’s are positioned directly in front of the field. This ceremony spot creates a more unified space to be utilized for both portions of the wedding.

Brooke and Kirby chose the back field for their ceremony space, which created a beautiful open concept celebration.

Photos by Photographs by Andrea

While these ceremony sites are the most popular, there are still many more to see! Tanglewood Plantation is home to spacious sun drenched fields, southern architecture, and beautiful draping trees- we are confident there is a spot somewhere on our historic property that is perfect for just you!

We hope to see you under the trees very soon.
-The Tanglewood Team


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